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Rockwell iii Ring with silver or gold rock
A.P.C. + Aesop
Proenza Schouler Bag
Collection Automne-hiver 2010-11 par Lazaro Hernandez et Jack McCollough.
En cuir et soie brodée.
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Cosmic Wonder Print Stole
Great feature in Huge magazine on Kitsuné X Yoshida Boston  well cut  Tricolor 75 th anniversary bag;750 pieces ltd in store in  september

Munich based label akindofguise have just dropped this leather satchel. The brand is exclusively stocked at Wood Wood in Berlin, in line with the brand’s insistence on ensuring that each product they release done so in strictly limited numbers. Again making no exception, akindofguise have handcrafted the satchel using the finest, premium materials, drawing inspiration from traditional elements and forms.

Une vieille passion, les Crayola. Leur odeur et la qualité du papier qui les entours. Je les chérissais pour les garder le plus longtemps possible et n’osais les utiliser de peur de les voir “rapetissir”.
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epic bag by golden goose via le garconne.


Olympus Pen
The original Pen was introduced in 1959. It was designed by Yoshihisa Maitani, and was the first half-frame camera produced in Japan. It was one of the smallest cameras to use 35mm film in regular 135 cassettes. It was thought to be as portable as a pen; thus the name. The idea was to be much copied by other Japanese makers.
A series of derivatives followed, some easier to use with the introduction of exposure automation, e.g. the Pen EE; others with a wider aperture lens and a manual meter, such as the Pen D.
In 1966 the arrival of the Rollei 35, a camera almost as compact but making normal 24×36 exposures, would announce the beginning of the end for the half-frame concept. However, Olympus went on producing the simpler models of the Pen family until at least 1983.
Swedish HasbeensHight Heeled Jodhpur, Brown Nubuck.
Celine’s Handbag Luggage S/S 2010
jeffrey campbell grey mary-roks perforated bootie grey perforated suede lace-up bootie with open toe and side  cut-outs.  4” wedge heel with 1.25”  platform. leather-lined.